Cool Azul複方精油 Cool Azul Essential Oil Blend 15ml – By Aromatherapist
Cool Azul複方精油 Cool Azul Essential Oil Blend 15ml

Cool Azul複方精油 Cool Azul Essential Oil Blend 15ml

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Cool Azul結合13種冷卻精油,為您帶來涼快及香氣滿溢的體驗。於運動後使用,也可享受清新舒暢的感覺。




  • 當局部塗抹於皮膚時,帶來清涼感受
  • 幾乎適合每一個人在運動前、中及後使用
  • 可局部塗抹以享受清涼芬芳快感




  • Cool Azul按摩啫喱


  • Cool Azul按摩啫喱
  • Deep Relief滾珠精油
  • PanAway複方精油
  • Aroma Siez複方精油
  • 苦配巴精油
  • 愛達荷州香脂冷杉精油
  • 聖檀木精油
  • Ortho Sport按摩油
  • Ortho Ease按摩油
  • V-6綜合純植物油



Gaultheria procumbens†(冬青)葉油

Mentha piperita†(薄荷)油

Salvia officinalis†(鼠尾草)油

Copaifera officinalis†(古巴香脂)樹脂

Origanum vulgare†(牛至)油

Melaleuca viridiflora†(綠花白千層)葉油

Plectranthus amboinicus†(左手香)葉/莖油

Lavandula angustifolia†(薰衣草)油

Callitris intratropica(藍絲柏)木油

Canarium luzonicum†(欖香脂)樹膠油

Vetiveria zizanoides†(岩蘭草)根油

Carum carvi†(藏茴香)籽油

Hyptis suaveolens(山香)籽油

Chamomilla recutita(德國洋甘菊)花油

†100% 純正精油



  • 在Cool Azul的薄荷香氣和您最愛的歌曲伴隨下,伸展您疲勞的肌肉。
  • 淋浴的蒸氣和Cool Azul的清新氣味混合,能讓您在忙碌的一天後放鬆。
  • 它突出而令人振奮的芬芳香氣,可以去除房間霉味。
  • 加入薄荷及絲柏的香調,讓您在鍛鍊後平緩下來。
  • 將它帶到您健身室的桑拿房,放大它令人活力充沛的強大效用。


  • 視需要稀釋後,將Cool Azul複方精油塗抹於身體所需部位或在按摩時使用。
  • 將AromaGlide滾珠部件安裝於精油瓶上並放在運動包中,方便隨時使用。
  • 搭配V-6綜合純植物油,享受舒緩身心的按摩。
  • 在運動時擴香,使空氣變得清新。





注意事項: 請放置在兒童無法觸及的地方。僅限外用。避免接觸眼睛及身體黏膜部分。如你正在懷孕、哺乳、服用藥物或為長期病患者,使用前請諮詢專業醫務人員。未經專業醫務人士建議,不適合6歲以下兒童使用。


Apply Cool Azul™ essential oil topically for a cool aromatic experience or use after physical activities for a fresh, cooling sensation.


Product Snapshot

Features & Benefits

  • Creates a cool sensation when applied topically to the skin
  • Great for use by most before, during, and after physical activities
  • Can be applied topically for a cool aromatic experience

Aromatic Profile

From the bottle: Refreshing, herbaceous, minty

Also Found In

  • Cool Azul Sports Gel

Works Well With

  • Cool Azul Sports Gel
  • Deep Relief Roll-On
  • PanAway Essential Oil Blend
  • Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend
  • Copaiba Essential Oil
  • Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil
  • Palo Santo Essential Oil
  • Ortho Sport Massage Oil
  • Ortho Ease Massage Oil
  • V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex



Gaultheria procumbens† (Wintergreen) leaf oil

Mentha piperita† (Peppermint) oil

Salvia officinalis† (Sage) oil

Copaifera officinalis† (Balsam copaiba) resin

Origanum vulgare† (Oregano) oil

Melaleuca viridiflora† (Niaouli) leaf oil

Plectranthus amboinicus† (Plectranthus oregano) leaf/stem oil

Lavandula angustifolia† (Lavender) oil

Callitris intratropica† (Blue cypress) wood oil

Canarium luzonicum† (Elemi) gum oil

Vetiveria zizanoides† (Vetiver) root oil

Carum carvi† (Caraway) seed oil

Hyptis suaveolens† (Dorado azul) seed oil

Chamomilla recutita† (Matricaria) flower oil

†100% pure essential oil

Suggested Uses

Where to Diffuse

  • Stretch your tired muscles accompanied by this minty fragrance and your favorite cooldown playlist.
  • Let the hot shower steam mix with this refreshing scent to relax after a rigorous day.
  • Deodorize musty rooms quickly with this sharp, invigorating smell.
  • Unwind after a successful sweat session with notes of Peppermint and Cypress.
  • Amplify the powerful effect of this revitalizing aroma by taking it with you to the gym sauna.


  • Dilute as needed and apply Cool Azul to desired area or use it in massage.
  • Apply an AromaGlide Roller Fitment and put it in your gym bag for convenient use.
  • Add V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and use it for a soothing massage.
  • Diffuse it during a workout to freshen the air.

Label Directions

Topical: Dilute as needed and apply to desired area or use in massage.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Not intended for children under the age of 6 without the advice of a health professional.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Cool Azul複方精油 Cool Azul Essential Oil Blend 15ml.

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